Creative Music Marketing Strategies


Using creative music marketing strategies will help you stay organized, on top of what needs to be done and most importantly grow your fan base.

The way you generate buzz for your music is the key to building your fan base. Whether you are a new artist or well established, using creative music marketing strategies is key. In order to put together creative music marketing strategies you want to ask yourself questions pertaining why you are doing this and what exactly is it that you need to accomplish? Once you have answered those you can start to build your marketing strategy, which will ultimately help you connect with your fans and get your music in the ears of more people. Here’s how you can start to make creative music marketing strategies.

Know Your Audience

  • This is key and will help you communicate with your fans. Make sure you do heavy research on your fanbase’s demographic so that when putting together your plan it will cater towards them.

Use Social Media

  • Everyone is on it, so you should definitely embrace it. Once you have started to build a presence you can reach out to bigger influencers to help you get the word out about new music, music videos, shows, march and more.

Understand The Market

  • Not only do you need to know your fans, but understanding the market and what’s happening within your genre locally, nationally and globally. This will help you connect more with fans and also allow you to create and understanding of where you stand. Ask yourself a couple of questions:
    • Which musicians are seeing the most success locally / globally within your genre?

    • What are these successful musicians doing that is working most effectively to build and engage a fan base?

    • How likely is the market to buy your album?

Set Goals

  • You need to have a purpose behind your marketing strategies or else why create a marketing plan? Set goals that you can check off along the way to know you are getting where you want. If you are just starting you’ll want to base goals off the research you’ve done, whereas if you’ve put out music before use that as your baseline.

Create A Plan Of Action

  • Make a spreadsheet to keep organized 0n your plans with PR, advertising, content creation, touring, social media and networking. This will help keep you on the right track and know where you are with marketing at all times. You will also want to include in this spreadsheet what has happened after you have tackled each priority and how you can do better next time.

Make Your Budget

  • After you have fully created your marketing strategies, make sure you have a budget that matches what your plans are. This will help to ensure a smooth road to getting where you need.

Use Different Forms Of Media To Promote

  • Figure out different ways to promote your music and don’t limit yourself to just one form of media. Reach out for product placement on TV, get your music played on podcasts, work with social media influencers, etc. The list is endless as technology has grown on how you can promote yourself.


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