PVMNTS, They’re Bringing Punk Back

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PVMNTS was formed by guys who wanted to live their dreams touring the world, playing music they love and enjoying the ride.

They’re three guys, who love music and one another enough to form a band. Tyler Posey, Freddy Ramirez and Nick Guzman recently decided to get together and start PVMNTS, a pop punk band that’s ready to hit the ground running. With upcoming headlining shows in the U.K. and their first EP getting ready to drop, the band spoke to us about what it’s been like starting the band, to what we can expect at their shows.

The Music DA: Tyler and Freddy, you knew each other before forming PVMNTS, as you were in Lost In Kostko together, how did you two meet?

Freddy Ramirez: I was in a band with two random dudes, this was like ten years ago or something like that. It was a long time ago and we were [Tyler and Freddy] both in that band and we just had this connection musically so we ended up leaving that band and forming a band, which was Lost In Kostko a few years later.

Tyler Posey: I’ve got a cool little anecdote to that story, I started Lost In Kostko with our previous drummer, before I met Freddy. It was just me and him [the previous drummer] messing around covering Blink 182 songs and kind of writing stuff of our own. But I really wanted to play in a band live, like a full band and we didn’t have any other members and I was going to school with these dudes and one of these guys who was in a band was lacking two members. They put out a thing on Myspace saying they were auditioning people and I came to the audition with my bass, I was going to the be bassist, and that’s where I met Freddy and he became the other new member. Then once we realized we had more potential, I asked Freddy if he wanted to start up this other band that I had started before we met and that’s where Lost In Kostko was formed.

The Music DA: Then you guys went into forming PVMNTS, how did you meet Nick?

Nick Guzman: Freddy and I knew each other a few years before PVMNTS got formed and we were making music together. We had our own musical connection and basically at some point they were auditioning or kind of playing with a few drummers before me and then they brought me in and it just kind of all clicked.

The Music DA: The music you’re making is really bringing back pop punk, how’d you guys decide this was the genre you wanted to go with?

TP: I think it’s the only genre we love to play. I mean we are big fans of music in general and have a wide vocabulary of music genres we love. However, when it comes to playing and performing live and doing what I feel like I and we were born to do I just feel like we fit into this scene so well and it’s the only thing I want to play live really, there’s just something so f**king cool about it.

FR: It’s a very fun genre to play live and I think what makes a live show great is the amount of fun that the members are having on stage and it trends into the crowd so pop punk it’s a very straight forward genre and on stage it’s so much fun to play.

The Music DA: Blink 182 is a huge inspiration but who and what else has inspired your music?

NG: Well I’m really inspired by like by all those things including Blink, but I love Underoath and and Counterparts, I get a lot of inspiration from bands like that.

TP: I’ve been getting a lot inspiration from bands that do a lot of screaming lately and what it does to me when I like a kind of music, it’s what I want to do to people. Whenever I listen to heavy music like that where there’s screaming you know when you’re in your basement and you’re subdued it just makes me move like I didn’t know I could move. I want to make kids move like they didn’t know they could move. I want to incorporate little elements of hardcore heavy screaming into our music, but make it a smooth transition so it’s not like we’re pushing it.

FR: We all have a heavy background, like I love Underoath and Norma Jean’s music, but I don’t necessarily enjoy playing it on the guitar too much. But a lot of our influences, we’re very broad when it comes to our influences and I think that’s what shapes our sound. It’s not just straightforward happy pop punk all the time, it’s some dark tones in there from time to time which you guys will end up hearing in our EP that we’re going to release. I think that gives us the color that PVMNTS is, our differences in influences. Like I love 90’s music too, my mom grew me up on that 90’s band music. I had a 90’s thing last night before I went to bed. I had to listen to all these classic jams and that’s really what colors PVMNTS is. It’s our differences in influences and that heavy tone we have across the board we try to make it connect and mesh with everything as smoothly as possible.

The Music DA: You have your own personal schedules and then you’re recording your EP, which will be out soon. How do you balance your personal schedules and getting together to make music?

FR: It’s actually kind of difficult. We have careers that have consumed our lives up until this point and we’re hoping to transition, and you know make music that supports us. However, until we get to that point we have to juggle our livelihood and our careers. This recording process we were able to clear out enough time to get that done and on tour we’ll have that block pulled out for us so we can just move into playing music all the time. We have one of those chemistries that are like you don’t need much practice. I mean we definitely do, but we also have that chemistry where it works and that was the first thing I noticed that when Nick came into the band that we could just play by feel and have it sound really good. Also I think the motivation between the three of us is really there so it helps us work on balancing our schedule.

TP: Exactly, we’ve got the motivation, drive and passion to want to juggle both of our careers and be overwhelmed with work sometimes. It’s special trying to juggle two things while you’re trying to get a band started but we have the motivation and passion and drive to want to do it. I’ve got friends who I’ve wanted to play in bands with them but they can’t commit the time to it so I’ve got to give it up to Freddy and Nick, love you guys.

The Music DA: What’s it been like preparing this EP?

FR: Tyler and I, we had songs before the band was formed. We took the songs and showed them to everybody and we ended up picking and choosing which ones really like and enjoyed. We love all the songs that we write, the hardest part of the process is choosing which ones we are going to release on this EP which is pretty difficult. Now we’re in the studio just crushing this stuff out and making little details perfect and getting it out.

TP: We do have a s**tload of songs in our vocabulary and repertoire. It was kind of difficult to pick the best ones, but we chose the ones we felt best described our band in six songs. We have countless songs we are going to release over the years, but right now we only have six songs to show who we are so I think we did a pretty good job at choosing but you never know.

The Music DA: What’s some of the challenges been as a new band in 2018 and introducing yourselves, as well as the use of social media?

TP: Just the fact that we have to. Social media now is like a separate job and getting used to constantly updating and having a voice that’ll give longevity to the fans on that media. Even though I’ve had social media for years and used it for a while I still don’t use it in a promotional sense. I feel like with the band it’s all promotional and trying to get yourself out there, so I think that side has been difficult just getting used to promoting ourselves in the right way. I think we’re still kinda trying to figure it out.

FR: I take videos of me in the bathroom and that’s my way of promoting. I think especially in 2018 there’s a saturation, an over saturation of bands and great bands trying to get their names out there and trying to navigate the world of social media. Not even just actually using social media and being promotional with it but kind of hoping that you’re band is seen by people in this world where there’s just so much going on on this one platform.

The Music DA: On the flip side, what’s the benefits of being a new band?

FR: I think it can really show us and help us showcase what we can do and how our sound can differ from others because we do have a clean slate and we don’t have any status quo to be. We can build off what we believe in and what our influences are. We can build off that and hopefully make something that is different enough to catch people’s attention but still fit into the crowd that we personally love to listen to. I think that’s a good benefit of being a new band and shaping the sound we are going to make eventually for the future.

The Music DA: As a new band how have you been able to grow and make people aware of the music you’re making?

TP: Doing interviews, trying to promote ourselves as best and as fast as we can before our tour. Putting out that single, we wanted to release this EP as the first thing we released, but with all the attention we were getting we felt it wrong to not have any music out there. So we kind of rushed that demo in our studio, our home studio that we recorded ourselves. We’ve got a lot of other ideas, interactions with the fans and to make our content a little different than everyone else’s while still being in the same vein as pop punk. We have some music videos coming out soon and some cool ideas for stuff like that soon we just really want to play live so we’re looking for shows. I feel like that’s our best way to get our sound out there the word out. Playing shows and showing them what we’re all about before we go to the UK.

The Music DA: Speaking of your upcoming shows how is planning your live shows?

FR: I mean we’re a punk band so there’s not going to be too many theatrics or too much crazy s**t going on during the show. For now at least, we might jump into that or grow into that, like Green Day. They’re live shows are very theatrical and all over the place and cool and crazy but really fun.

TP: I mean they used to just be three dudes playing music. That’s exactly what we are and we really love playing music and we’re pretty energetic dudes that get to play music together.

FR: I think that’ll be the show and us planning for it, us getting up there doing our thing. Nick, Tyler and I just have this ridiculous chemistry not just musically but as showmen. We can go absolutely crazy on stage, we go with the flow of everything that happens. There have been times I’ve ran into Tyler on stage and we make it seem like it was meant to be, but it really wasn’t. We’re good at running into a situation and running with it and I think that should be it for now but eventually we’ll grow into stuff like Tyler said.

The Music DA: Forsure, it sounds like Nirvana when they were performing. They were three guys who had awesome chemistry and just performed and it was great.

FR: Definitely, I can’t wait for fire though I’m excited for when we can incorporate fire into our sets.

The Music DA: You guys are touring in the U.K. but are you guys planning any U.S. shows?

TP: Yes we are are in the works. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but yeah we have some stuff in the works, hopefully, but we are trying to before we go to the U.K. in May. They’ll be kind of, well not last minute, but we’ll make sure we announce it hardcore and crazy when they’re confirmed.

The Music DA: What else can we expect this year other than the EP and touring?

NG: New music videos, new merch ideas we’ve got coming out, a lot of stuff. We’re planning to mesh the video/film realm which Tyler’s a part of and the music realm together maybe like a mini youtube series or something you know, trying to think outside the box, wherever our creativity kind of takes us.

The Music DA: You guys have to spend a lot of time with each other, what is the fun fact you’ve learned about each other since starting the band and having this time together?

NG: Fun fact, we all love to be pantless, we love to hangout in our boxers and maybe shirtless sometimes, we all have poofy hair we found that out recently.

TP: A fun fact, [about] Freddy, when we were younger in the previous band he didn’t drink. I used to drink not heavily but a beer or so before the show and he never would and he just started having beer and that’s been nice to kind of be able to share that experience together. He has a beer every now and then.

FR: We had our first beer together and it was gnarliest thing ever.

NG: I think what’s really cool is the more I talk to them to more the more similar we are. Whether it comes to our issues we have, our goals and our passions for music and people, that’s been one of the coolest things that’s come from this. I get to travel the world with these guys so i’m sure I’ll find out something crazier as time goes on.

FR: There isn’t a day that goes by without us genuinely acknowledging each other, like we love each other so much, I think these two dudes are my brothers, literally. A lot of people, a lot of our friends they hide the fact that like they enjoy their company with each other, we actually love each other like randomly we’re doing something and we’re like love you guys. And that’s something so rare I think nowadays. We’re just open about it. I love them.

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